Research on the area of operation: Before entering into any territory, it’s very important to understand it socio-economic environment, its population mix and other topographic features. Accordingly, we identify our focus areas depending on our requirement. before going to any area we will identify the per capita income of the area (which helps in identifying low income area), The population mix (for SC, ST and general division), Employment opportunities in the area (to identify the scope of migration) etc.

Selection of the team: Human resource is the most determining factor in implementation of any process/plan. Right identification of the mobilization team is prerequisite for its success. Post identification of the area we always try to hire a local person as mobiliser there, so that he/she can connect with people on local level can speak their language and understand their concerns. Local person not only understands the geography of the area but also knows the thought process of people, which helps him in the correct mobilization.

Training of the mobilization team: and explains the same to parents and candidates. Usually, mobiliser knows the programme but is not able to explain properly to the target audience, or sometimes he/she herself doesn’t have clarity on certain aspects of the programme and misses key messages in his/her communication which later on becomes a huge challenge to address

On field training: Before giving a responsibility to mobilizer, we make sure that we conduct his on-field training along with a senior/experienced mobiliser, in which we show him/her how to contact in community, how to conduct meetings, how to explain programme features and how to address parents/trainees’ queries.


Live footages of the training centre: During mobilization our mobilizers show the live footage of centre and training activity in the field to all the peoples so that they can see and assess the facilities we are providing. This activity also creates a lot of reliability among the people and enthusiasm among the candidates as they can directly connect with the people now.

Video Conferencing with trained and placed candidates: During mobilization we also connect the parents and possible candidates with our already trained and placed candidates, these candidates share their experiences, their personal journey and their achievements. Since we try to connect with the candidate who belongs to the same place this whole activity brings a lot of authenticity and reliability among the parents and candidates.

Trainees – Teacher meeting: We have started conducting a regular Trainees- teacher meet to bring the teachers and Trainees closer, many times we have experienced that due to parent’s pressure candidates drop out, since trainees don’t have clarity on the programme and features. To bridge this gap, we are conducting regular PTM’s so that parents get aware of the programme; understand its importance and how it will change their child’s life. We have witnessed that post these PTM’s we got many references and these parents become a major source of word-of-mouth publicity in the locality.

Job Fairs, Umbrella activity & Digital Marketing: We have also source the candidates using Job fairs conducting at District Employment office on weekly basis, Umbrella activities at main junction point and also we have the team to do the digital marketing to reach the trainees.

training process
Our Skill Process